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We’re with you all the way on this very special day in your life. We pay particular attention to the details and capturing as many of the moments that you will cherish throughout your lives together. Viewing your wedding day photographs will remind you of the love you have for each other and the laughter and best wishes you shared with family and friends.


Together, we provide you with a well-rounded photobook of images for your day. We blend the traditional with the modern and come up with treasured memories.


What do we do that makes this all come together:


  • Booking your date and holding that day for you, starts the ball rolling.
  • Having one or more consultation meetings with you gives us a better idea of what you like, how your day is going to run and where we need to be at the right time. As well, this is where we find out all the little things that help make your day go smoother.
  • Planning an engagement session a couple of months before the wedding helps us get to know both the bride and groom and their style of posing along with you getting to know us too. A 5x7 print comes with this session for announcements and invitations.
  • We generally visit the site if it is new to us and scout out the best vantage points or make sure we have the right gear to enhance the site.
  • When the day is close at hand and the rehearsal is taking place, we can be there as well to be sure not to miss a cue during the ceremony.
  • The day has arrived, and we start bright and early. After having taken the time to check and double check our primary and secondary gear, making sure batteries are fresh or recharged and storage media are formatted and ready for your day, checking that we have any special props or items highlighted for your unique wedding – we are ready to go with you.
  • While there is a primary photographer – there is usually a second backup photographer in attendance – this helps to ease your mind in case someone becomes indisposed on your day.
  • During the day, we are constantly looking for photo opportunities and adjusting to your schedule should the need arise.
  • After we have captured everything we can for you and you move on to enjoying yourselves without a camera in your way….we go home and continue to process your images
  • All files are immediately downloaded and stored on a backup external drive and burned to DVD .
  • Post processing then begins – this includes digital enhancement, skin softening and any blemish removal for bride, groom, bridal party and family members; any special effects (including oil paintings and watercolors, blurs, blends, composites etc.)
  • As a thank you for choosing Quality Cameras & Computers (Fotosource) Signature Portraits for your wedding photography, we produce a 20-page, hard-covered story photobook for your day. These are custom designed images, blending images, poems, thoughts and stories to enhance the memory.
  • All of your images are burned to DVD in their full size at print ready quality so you can take advantage of our competitive consumer print pricing.


We are passionate about preserving your day in a manner that will bring you much joy and heartfelt memories for years to come. It is our honour to be asked to be part of any bride and groom’s day.








Quality Cameras Foto Source

245 George Street, 2nd Floor

Sydney, NS B1P 1J5 

Phone: (902) 562-3600

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