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Disc Safety


Although 8gb and higher storage devices are available, it is recommended that you use several smaller storage devices (e.g. 4gb) to avoid losing a major portion, or all, of your images due to disc damage/error.


When travelling or going to an event (wedding, graduation, etc.), carry 3 or 4 cards in case one gets lost or damaged. If you receive a card error and do not know why, the best course of action is to stop pressing any further buttons on the camera, remove the disc from the camera and store it in a safe place until you can view the images on your computer or take it to a service provide with data recovery software, which we do have at Quality Cameras & Computers (Fotosource). This will give you the best chance at data recovery.


Be cautious when inserting, removing and passing discs between people as the static charge buildup between people and things can cause an electrical charge to damage the disc. Rather, put the disc on a non-metal surface and have the other person pick it up. Remember to discharge yourself as well before opening and removing the disc from the camera or picking up the disc from a surface.


New Year’s Resolution


Although many people want to get more images on their storage device and choose to use the lower setting on their camera to do this, they sacrifice image size and quality. Keep in mind you may want to enlarge an image later and so, should try to choose the largest format your camera offers so that you have the largest file size to work with later. When using your software program to crop and adjust your photos, make sure to pay attention to the resolution, or dpi, and ensure it is set to 300 for print quality. Your photos, when cropped to, for e.g. 8x10” at 240 dpi, will not actually be 8x10” when printed –they will be slightly smaller, since print quality is 300 dpi. When using a commercial print service, you do not need to worry about this, as the printer is already set to crop at 300dpi.


Color Adjustments


It is important to remember that your prints may not look the same as they appeared on your computer screen. There are several reasons for this:


  • Your monitor may not be calibrated the same as the service providers. At Quality Cameras & Computers (Fotosource), we calibrate our monitor to optimize the best colors possible.
  • Your viewing environment may be different. The reflection off of walls and room lighting all impact on the image viewed on the monitor.
  • The printer being used will have its own printer profiles (code the printer uses to read the colors of a file).
  • Monitors have different color gamuts (or range of colors they are capable of reading).
  • The type of paper or media being used to print on will have its own effect on the output as well.


Keep these things in mind when working with us or any other service provider to produce the output you wish to achieve.






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