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Scanning & Copying


Print to Print


Don’t have the negative? Tired of searching? No problem – we can make a copy of your photograph. We can even enhance the brightness and contrast to provide you with a Quality Cameras & Computers (Fotosource) quality print. Now you can make those extras copies for family and friends.


Prints from Slides


Do you have a great photograph on a slide that you want to share but you prefer not to get out the projector? Come in to the store and have prints made from your slides.


Before digital came around, making prints from slides was complicated, expensive and the print quality wasn’t always up to par. With today’s technology, it’s quick, easy and inexpensive to convert your old slides to digital pictures.


Our store has special print machines that can scan slides into a high-resolution, colour file. Once they’ve been converted, you have the option of printing them, enlarging them or doing anything else you would typically do with a digital image. Welcome to the world of digital!


Prints to CD


Looking for an easy way of storing and viewing photographs? Have your prints scanned and transferred to a convenient archival CD or DVD for safe-keeping. Let us do the work for you.




Even when stored safely, digital storage formats have a limited lifespan of approximately 1-30 years, while photographic paper has a lifespan of 99+ years. Here at Quality Cameras & Computers (Fotosource), we can make copies of a favorite print, whether you have the negative or just the print itself, on our archival paper and inks. And, if the color of the print needs to be tweaked, we can do that as well!


Shoe Box Scanning


Tired of having boxes of photos taking up space? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Want to make a digital photobook? We offer the perfect solution. Shoe box scanning. We’ll take your photos, scan them and digitally preserve them on a Photo CD or DVD. Now you can turn a lifetime of photos into a convenient disk to share and plan with.


Before brining your photos in, you’ll need to prepare them for scanning by:


· Removing them from envelopes, albums, etc.

· Removing any staples, tape or adhesives.

· Positioning the photos with the heads in the same direction.

· Categorizing them from small to large making it easier to feed them through the scanner.


Once we receive your photos, they are loaded into our scanner in batches. Our scanner scans the photos and stores the images on a computer. A CD or DVD is produced, and your original photos returned. It’s that simple. Drop by our store to see what we have to offer.


Artwork Scanning


Giving a piece of artwork as a gift, but want a copy for yourself. Take your piece of artwork into the studio where we will make a digital copy of it for you and burn your high-resolution file to a CD for you to have to make copies for yourself, to sell or for your portfolio. We use high-quality scanners, lenses and cameras to capture the small details in your artwork and transfer them to the digital platform. Call to speak with our staff to see what method would be best for your project.







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