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Protect your equipment against rain, dust and sand with one of our nifty camera bags. We offer compact-size bags for your point and shoot camera or larger ones for your DLSR camera, lenses and other gear. Bags are lightweight, come in different sizes and include handy features. Some can even be transformed from sling to backpack in just seconds.




We offer a variety of name-brand batteries to meet your needs. Visit us if you are looking for replacement digital camera batteries, camcorder batteries, rechargeable batteries and more. We also supply battery (and universal) chargers and other electronic accessories.


Card Readers


Get the help of a memory card reader if your computer doesn’t have a built-in card reader or if you don’t want to put a drain on your camera batteries. A card reader is an external device that plugs right into your computer and allows you to quickly access the data from your memory card. Card readers come in two styles:


· Those for a single type of memory card

· Multi-card readers that accept several different types of cards




Give your images different effects by using a filter. There are many filters available on the market today. The more popular filters are:



· UV Filter – absorbs harmful UV rays for clearer pictures and protects the expensive glass part of your lens

· Neutral Density Filter – Cuts down on the amount of light passing through the lens

· Soft Focus Filter – Softens the images for a more glowing appearance and emotional effect.

· Star Filter – Splits strong points of light into rays or crosses

· Warming Filter – Adds a light reddish brown tint on a gray day so it appears as if the sun is out.


For more information, drop by our store.




Portable camera flashes are an important accessory for the more serious photographer. They help you achieve the perfect light by allowing you to control the direction and intensity of the light. They can also be used to emphasize or de-emphasize features of your subject giving you more creative options. With so many choices available, you’ll want to talk to us.




Ensure that you have the right camera lens(es) for your DSLR camera. Having the ability to choose among different lenses gives you versatility. Pick from three basic lens types:


· Standard – A good general purpose lens

· Telephoto – Lets you get closer to your subject

· Wide-Angle – Captures a wider expanse of scenery


Or, consider other special lenses such as macro, fisheye and teleconverters. Remember that all lenses are not created equal, so let us help you make the right choice.


Memory Cards


Ensure that you have plenty of memory on hand. Memory cards are ideal portable storage devices for digital cameras, laptops and other electronics. There are many different types of flash memory cards on the market today, so you’ll want to ensure that you purchase the right one for your digital camera.




Keep your camera steady and take clear, sharp pictures by using a tripod. Why? Because the more you magnify a subject, the more you magnify any movements which results in “camera shake.” A tripod also gives you the ability to use any shutter speed or aperture you want, allowing you more flexibility. There are many different tripods available – from mini to full-size – the choice is yours.






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