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If your cameras needs repair, take it to us for a free consultation. Our professional staff are trained to review any problems and issues related to your camera before sending it out for repair. Our experience has shown us that many products do not always need service.


Leave your worries behind and let Quality Cameras & Computers (Fotosource)ensure that your equipment is repaired by the best available resource. We’ll send it to the appropriate authorized repair facility. Each facility charges a minimum evaluation fee and will provide you with an estimate.


We only deal with knowledgeable technicians that will provide complete repair services that meet your needs.


Rental Services


Need an LCD projector and/or screen for your presentation or meeting? The solution is simple – rent it from Quality Cameras & Computers (Fotosource).


Camera Cleaning


Dust and dirt devils in your viewfinder or sensor? Have Quality Cameras & Computers (Fotosource) staff take care of it for you, and there is no courier/insurance and going without your camera for up to 6 weeks! John has been cleaning SLR’s for 36 years and has moved over to DSLR’s. You need proper antistatic tools, steady hands, the right fluids and a clean environment. Average cleaning costs run from $25-$45. Sending it away can cost up to $75-$115. We usually take 24 hours to take care of this for you.


So What kind of dirt do you have? Here are the four kinds of dirt you may experience with your camera.




Dirt on the mirror. This can be removed with an antistatic brush or hurricane blower. You will not see this dirt on your pictures because the mirror slaps up out of the way when the exposure occurs.


Dirt on the bottom of the viewing screen. This will also not affect your pictures as it is not in the way for the exposure to take place. It can be removed with a special antistatic brush or hurricane blower, but one must be very careful as the bottom of the screen is frosted, and you can permanently mark the focusing screen if you use the wrong tools.


Dirt that appears on your photos. This is usually in the same place and can be seen better when the file is enlarged. As this is on the sensor, most DSLR’s do have a self cleaning mode, but this does not always work. Again, a proper antistatic brush and hurricane blower, or last but avoided at all costs, a wet cleaning of the sensor surface using a special swab and fluid. Kits can be bought for around $30.00 – follow your camera’s instructions carefully.


The dirt that is most annoying is the stuff that gets up on top of the viewing screen, up in the prism base! This dirt is near impossible to get at without dropping the screen altogether. For this, special tools are required to unclasp the screen and drop it down on the mirror, without scratching anything, as the oil on your fingers can leave a permanent mark. And most difficult of all – replacing the screen with the right side up if it has fallen out or flipped on you. This is where you don’t want to go unless you have had instruction or have a camera specific instruction manual.


So that is what some people want to know about cleaning their camera…..or…you could call us to take care of it for you.







Quality Cameras Foto Source

245 George Street, 2nd Floor

Sydney, NS B1P 1J5 

Phone: (902) 562-3600

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